Hello world!

I am probably not good with words or coming up with fancy adjectives to flatter you all.

I’m just another blogger for starters. i really don’t know what to write.. m just going with the flow. Im at home right now , Delhi.. not so pleasant it hot here.. monsoons has not hit the city yet… Delhi or dilli as you like to call this city.. How much ever people put down my city and talk rubbish about my city.. i still love this city for all it has given me.. Its uberness or the ruins .. the brightness of the blues and reds and yellows of the city.. the hauntingly beautiful architectural scenery , the forts and the tombs . the city looks stunning in winters.. no words could describe the fog early morning and the mist and the dew drops on leaves and grass.. how the tombs and bouli could looks so incredibly breath taking with all that fog and the breeze could just make you feel only better in some way.. NO MATTER HOW COLD IT MIGHTGET i always say, “Far better than summer”. .


I dont live here any more, i live in Bangalore now and maybe thats the reason each time i come back here i know how its to be like home.. this is the very place i wanted to run away from but not anymore . I have this urge once in a while to be part of this city , part for this rush, the crowd.. And the coolest and the best part U can swear anywhere, literally* u dont have to be like shushing away your aggression.. we swear when we are happy, when we go low, when we are angry or simply annoyed.. and trust me people dont mind it at all.. simply because delhihiets understand that life can be a bitch at times and it harder to express without swearwords ..

I know im jumping from topics to topics.. probably i will get a hang of everything.. give some time.. its new for me..


be sweet. have a nice day!!